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If left blank the metadata will generate its own copy from the copy on the page.

Page Description

The Page Description summarises the content of the page. This copy will appear in the Google search so make sure it makes sense. This description, once entered, is not visible on the web page itself but is displayed within the search results. No more than 100 characters is enough.

Page Keywords

Used to increase search engine results. Enter words or phrases connected to the page subject matter. Separate with commas E.g crohn's,colitis,stomach etc. If this field is left blank, words will be automatically entered from the page text.

Make sure the Home Page has your company name in it, and other pages have any key words that are relevant to that page and what people might search for but not the same as the home page. Take out any words that are irrelevant.

To alter the Page Description and Page Keywords

  1. In admin, find and edit the page you want to change the metadata
  2. Click onto the Menu Tab: 'Metadata' (next to 'Page Basis')
  3. Change the Page Description and/or Page Keywords SAVE

You can do the Page Description and Key Words for every page in the site but make sure it doesn't compete with the Home Page. In most cases Home Page should be the page where you want people to land on first.

Site Description: 

The Site Description is brief text used in site searches. It should be simple and short.

To alter Site Description

  1. In admin Go: Site Tool (menu at the top of the Admin page)
  2. Under Site Description: Alter the text. Save Site
  3. If you can't alter it, send the correct text to
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