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Set up your own Google Analytics for your site.

If you don't do this, then you won't have any Google Data to view.

You have to do this at the beginning of the site going live to start collecting data.

Now go set it up, it's easy.

  1. Set up a Google Account if you don't have one already.
  2. Set up a Google Analytics Account
  3. You then add the website (property) to your Google Account/Analytics.
  4. IMPORTANT You then supply us with the Google Analytics Tracking Number and we will add it to your site.

See below for full instructions

What if you haven't set up your own Google Account and given Flightdec a Tracking Number?

We maybe able to give you a pdf or screen capture of the data.

We can go into our Google Account we automatically set on the site,  export a PDF and send that to you. But we need to know exactly what you want.


How to get a Google Analytics Tracking number.


Set up a Google Account.

Your email or your sites email has to be associated with a Google Account.

Create your Google account. See here.

You may already have done the above in the past - go to the next step below.

Set up Google Analytics for the first time.

Set up Google Analytics for the first time. Click here and follow the instructions


You can have more than one Google account with up to 50 properties (websites) per account.

Google refers to a website as a property.



To create a google analytics account number:

You have to already set up a Google Account to be able to do this.

The below instruction may slightly differ due to updates.

  1. Login to Google Analytics
    Use the email address that the account is under.
  2. To the right of the Analytics logo, click on the All Website Data 
  3. You’ll see three columns:     

    Accounts    |    Property & Apps   |    Views
  4. Select an account under Analytic Accounts
    You can have more than one account with up to 50 properties (websites) per account. 
    You’ll see your website or a list of websites under any of these accounts.
    If you don't have any Accounts you may have to create one.
  5. Click on the Admin icon or menu, bottom left
  6. Click on "Create Property"
    This opens a form for you to complete
    Website name
    Select an Industry Category
    Reporting Time Zone - select New Zealand
  7. Click Get Tracking ID
    This brings up a new screen with the ID at the top of some code
  8. Copy the ID.
  9. Send the ID Number to Flightdec and we'll attach it to the site.
  10. OR if you have access: Go to your site "www.yoursiteurl/admin"  and paste that Tracking ID Number into the Site Tools/ Edit Site/Google Analytics Number: box


Google Analytics training

The best teacher is Google itself. They’ve got a brilliant Help Centre.
You can go to this link
Also, here is a youtube google analytics webinar on getting started



Warning on Assigned Sites in the Flightdec admin platform.

If this is displaying, hover over the red warning text and the tracking ID number should display. Check that against your tracking ID number in your Google Analytics account.

They should be the same. 

If not, copy the Google Analytics tracking ID number and contact

OR if you have access: Go to your site "www.yoursiteurl/admin"  and paste the correct Tracking ID Number from your Google Account into the Flightdec  Site Tools/ Edit Site/Google Analytics Number: box

How and where to check
Google Analytics
  1. Login to Google Analytics
    Use the email address that the account is under.
  2. Select the account under Analytic Accounts, select the property (your site)
  3. Find your Tacking ID Number.
  4. Quit out 
Flightdec Admin

Go to your site "www.yoursiteurl/admin"  and hover over the red warning message, the number should display or go the Site Tools/ Edit Site/Google Analytics Number: check the number is the same.



Updates to Google Analytics   2020

Google has been recently updated from Universal Google Analytics 3 (UAxxxxx) to Google Analytics 4 (G-xxxxxxxxxx).

For more info click here 

Google Analytics 4 

Google Analytics 4 is now the default experience for new Google Analytics properties and where Google is investing for the future. Google Analytics 4 builds upon the features introduced in Google Analytics App+Web  and is an entirely new measurement model which provides a more unified analytics solution for better cross-device measurement. Key new benefits include:

    1. Understand customer journeys with cross device insights powered by Google Signals
    2. Privacy centric measurement with regulatory compliance and tools
    3. Google’s machine learning to predict customer actions
    4. Cross platform ads integrations and native data-driven attribution
    5. Google Cloud integration to enable data decisioning and prediction

Google Analytics 4 includes a number of new reports, structured around customer lifecycle (Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Retention) with the ability for marketers to understand return and activate their first party data in a compliant manner. 

What is the impact?

Google has no immediate plans to deprecate Universal Google Analytics. However,  Google Analytics 4 is the primary analytics product that is being invested in.

It is recommend that all organisations who use Google Analytics set up dual tagging so they can start collecting data and take advantage of new Google Analytics 4 features and capabilities.  Data collection for Google Analytics 4 starts from scratch and implementation can take time. Setting dual tagging up now will give you historical data to work with and greater ownership of a migration path.  


At this stage Google Analytics are still supporting Version 3 and updating to Version 4 is not mandatory.

However if you want to update: 

Sign into your Google Analytics Account.
Find "Upgrade to GA4" and create a new tracking code. (G-xxxxxxxxxx)
Email the code to us and we'll add it to your 'Main Site Details'. You can still keep your version 3 track number as well.

OR if you have access: Go to your site "www.yoursiteurl/admin"  and paste that Tracking ID Number into the Site Tools/ Edit Site/Google Analytics Number: box

For more info see


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